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Assuta’s Doctors Ranking: Dr. Rubinraut is at the top with a service rate of 9.9/10 By 625 Patients

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  • An esteemed hand surgeon, microsurgeon and upper-limb trauma specialist for adults and children.
  • Leading the hand & wrist operations at the Assuta Private Medical Center, Tel Aviv.
  • A “Generation Y” physician, who carefully combines the latest treatments & techniques with utmost sensitivity to the needs of her patients.
  • Hand Orthopedics Surgery and Trauma Specialist from the lucrative UCLH, London, the chosen hospital of the London Olympic Games.
  • Formerly Head of the Hand Surgery Unit at Kaplan Medical Center.
  • Senior Physician and Consultant at one of Israel’s Largest HMOs.
  • Holds an EU diploma and a member of the Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand, FESSH


“Patience, empathy, understanding your pain, and answering all of your questions and concerns with knowledge and delicacy is the heart of my work.”


Dr. Rubinraut is a devoted mother to Naomie and Guilad who enjoys spending time with family and friends. She is also an amateur ballet and modern dancer who is rather addicted to jogging. She also loves to swim and relax with a great book. Dr. Rubinraut truly believes that personal relationship is an incomparable basis for everything and strives to model this in all of her endeavors. She is able to communicate in English, French, Spanish and Hebrew.

“Dr. Rubinraut was the first doctor who made the right diagnosis for the problem I had with my hand after my injury, and the first to recommend the right solution. Blessed are the patients that come to Dr. Rubinraut’s care – a first-rate professional doctor as well as a human, lovely and welcoming character. There should be more doctors like her.”


“It is the luck of my life that I’ve met you! You solved a problem of mine even after years when no one could treat me. A great and professional doctor, who is, on top of it all, a gracious woman like no other.”

“We met you for our mum’s consultation about some very strong pains in her wrist. Doctor, you are magic! After your treatment, mum feels no pain and she’s always smiling. Thank you so much for the devoted care!”

“So much pleasantness, sensitivity, understanding… Dr. Rubinraut has helped in anything she could even beyond the treatment itself. A combination of personality and professionalism.”


Affordable Hand & Upper Limb Treatments for Tourists in Tel Aviv



During the last six decades, the State of Israel has developed one of the world’s leading healthcare systems, delivering globally esteemed, cutting-edge medical technologies, and treatments for patients. The Medical Tourism Index (MTI), a country based performance measure published by the International Healthcare Research, has recently ranked Israel as the No. 1 worldwide destination for medical services and facilities, and No. 3 for overall attractiveness to medical tourists.

Israel offers advanced yet flexible medical tourism services at a higher level than most developed countries, yet at a much more attractive cost than the United States and Western Europe. Israel is also blessed with a comfortable climate throughout the year and a variety of attractive tourist destinations, natural resources, sunny beaches, holy places for all religions, and top level hotels, making it the perfect recovery destination.